All courses listed on this website have been approved for 2019 by the Department of Pesticide Regulation and Structural Pest Control Board in California. 

We will NOT be selling a Laws Course for the calendar year of 2019 for DPR. There are 13 approved “Other” Courses available.

Course Options

Hard Copy Booklets:

We mail you the appropriate number of booklets that will give you the CE hours you need to complete your individual requirements. There is a quiz in each course, and you simply study the material, complete the quiz and e-mail, mail, or fax the quizzes back to us for grading and we e-mail, mail, or fax your certificates back to you.  We send attendance rosters to the state. A flat rate of $15.00 postage applies to all hard copy booklets purchases. The reading material is yours to keep.

Electronic Downloads:

Upon purchasing individual courses, you will be automatically emailed a download link where you can download the courses sent in PDF form. The quiz is a few pages in from the course cover page. Study the course on your PC, complete the quiz by printing those specific pages. You can e-mail, fax, or mail the completed quiz back to us. We will e-mail, fax, or mail (your choice) your certificates back to you.



Package courses can be ordered per agency, however, these are hand selected per your license during regular business hours M-F 9am-5pm and will be issued accordingly, you will not receive an immediate automatic download. When purchasing an hour packet if you are a customer ordering for both agency renewals (Structural Pest Control Board  and Department of Pesticide Regulations) you must include both agency license numbers at checkout in order to get the proper courses issued. You will not be provided credit for both agencies (SPCB and DPR) if you do not provide your request for the continuing education to count at point of sale! There are specific courses approved for both agencies. If ordering for both SPCB and DPR please pay close attention to the course hours as they differ per agency.  


DPR Pricing

  • 36 hrs. complete - $370.00

  • 16 hrs. complete - $220.00

  • 4 hrs. complete - $75.00

Also available in increments between 2 and 36hrs. 6, 16, and 36 hour packages come with a mix of 2,3,4,or 8 hour courses that will fulfill your “Other” requirements for renewal.  We are not selling “Law” Packages/Hours for the calendar year of 2019. We are only selling “Other” hour packages at this time in 6, 16, and 36 hour increments and will only contain ALL “Other” hours, NO LAWS! COURSE HOURS DIFFER FROM SPCB.  When ordering for both agencies PLEASE ENSURE YOU CHECK THE HOUR BREAKDOWNS ON THE COURSE MATERIAL in the sections for the DPR offerings versus the SPCB offerings!  They are not the same and it could affect your purchase selection and renewal! ALL DPR COURSES MUST BE USED IN THEIR CALENDAR YEAR DUE TO STATE RE-EVALUATION OF HOURS YEARLY.  We will not guarantee hourly counts if not used within the year sold.  

SPCB Pricing

  • 24 hrs. complete - $255.00 (three branches)

  • 20 hrs. complete - $235.00 (two branches)

  • 16 hrs. complete - $215.00 (one branch)

  • 12 hrs. complete - $150.00 (applicator renewal)

Also available in hourly increments.  All packages come with 4 or 8 hrs Rules & Regulations, plus a mix of 4 or 8 hour courses that will fulfill all of the state's requirements for renewal including the 2hr IPM.  Let us know if you want to use these courses for your DPR AND SPCB, and issue you certificates of completion for both agencies at point of sale! COURSE HOURS DIFFER FROM DPR.  When ordering for both agencies PLEASE ENSURE YOU CHECK THE HOUR BREAKDOWNS ON THE COURSE MATERIAL in the sections for the SPCB offerings versus the DPR offerings!  They are not the same and it could affect your purchase selection and renewal!

Additional Pricing

  • Pre-Operator courses are: $235.00 (all branches)

  • Pre-Field Rep. Courses are: $180.00

  • Pre-Applicator course are: $180.00

  • Postage - $15.00 (applies to hard copy shipments only)

  • Duplicate certificate: $25.00


  • 10% discount for all Electronic CE Courses. Prices are reflected on website already.

  • Discounts available for 3 individuals or more ordering complete packages. Orders for 3+ must be called or emailed in.

  • Save $15 on postage by purchasing an Electronic CE Course.

Certificates and Submission to State Agencies

Many of our (CE) courses are approved for both SPCB & DPR and if you are licensed in both we can provide specific courses and issue two sets of certificates for each agency at little or no charge! We must be informed at point of sale if you are taking advantage of this feature.

We send the updated completion rosters to the CAPCA for the DPR (if you are a member) on a weekly and SPCB on a monthly basis so that all your course completions are received by the state promptly and accurately. NOTE: YOU WILL STILL NEED TO COMPLETE YOUR RENEWAL APPLICATION AND PAY FEES REQUIRED BY THE STATE. OUR ROSTERS ARE FOR AUDIT PURPOSES ONLY.

In all 21 years of doing business we have never received a single complaint from the state agencies for our consumer record keeping.